Few more about "MyeSkool"

It is established by our preliminary survey that, a software system is needed in the school to prepare the salary requisition and its supporting documents. We feel by our initial investigation it is very much requirement of school authority.

By "PECAS" District Inspector of Schools (SE) is preparing salary for all school employees and generating all requisite documents. To perform these operations District Inspector of Schools (SE) receives salary requisition and some related supporting documents from School Authorities. It is observed that the School Authorities submit their salary requisition and other documents in various patterns and furnishing information in unscientific way. So, School Authorities are facing various problems. It became a hectic job to them.

Now, School Authorities does everything for preparing the salary requisition of school employee. To generate and preparing the salary related papers needs more attention, man power and time as they do it manually. This way of process is more error free. By this software School Authorities can generates salary requisition and all salary related documents in a whip and obviously it maintain parity to the system running in the District Inspector of Schools (SE) office. Beside these, School Authorities also be able to generate ‘Salary Statement’ in individual and as a whole, ‘FORM – 16’ etc.


    School Authority can maintain following details by this software.
    • Any addition and/or alternation of information about employee(s) can be done in most easy way.
    • Information of a new employee in prescribed format can be furnished in easy and scientific way.
    • Arrear and/or recovery will be accumulated with the current month salary.
    • Any addition and/or alternation of information about employee(s) can be done in most easy way.
    • Details information of all employees along with school can be viewed and getting hard copy by a click.
    • The versatility of this system offers certain interesting aspect like generation of ‘Annexure – I’ and all its supporting documents, ‘Form – V’, ‘Form – X’, ‘Form – 16’, ‘Salary Statement’ as a whole of all employees and all individuals.
    • Some more utility like IT assessment of all individual can be done easily.
    • Again some database handling tool like ‘Database Backup’, ‘Database Restore’ etc. make this software unique to some extent.


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